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Our team approach has proven successful for thousands of clients. You can be confident that our entire team is behind you every step of the way. We’re efficient; we handle cases like a well-oiled machine. You receive the medical treatment you need and we obtain the settlement you deserve.

Colorado Injury Law

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Colorado Injury Law

We Move Fast & We Get Things Done

No accident should consume years of your life, we make sure of that. We start working on your case immediately. We communicate with every party involved in your accident to keep your case moving forward, from auto body shops and insurance adjusters to property owners and managers. We’re the driving force behind the entire process. You’re not in this alone.

We Insist On Fair Settlements

We know how to value a case and obtain a fair settlement. Our firm tracks settlement figures in both Colorado and nationally to ensure our clients are getting the settlements they deserve. 

If the insurance company is not willing to meet our demands, we are not shy about taking them to trial. Insurance companies are familiar with our aggressive approach. They know we’ll take them to court if litigation is what it takes to earn fair restitution. Because of this, most insurance companies will make an acceptable offer to avoid the cost of a trial. 

Be assured that if your case requires going to court, we will take that journey with you. We will never pressure you into agreeing to less money than you deserve to avoid the time and expense of a trial. On the contrary, we welcome it.


Our Clients Love Us

Attorney Nadim is a true advocate. I was with another attorney at BIG FIRM for two years prior to meeting with Nadim. They were only able to get me a low offer that I wasn’t willing to accept. Then, when I asked them to go to court for me, they dropped my case. I was referred to Nadim by a friend. I don’t know how he did it, but within one month he was able to double to current offer and settle me case. I will only refer my friends and family to Nadim.

Thank you!

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